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OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE affordable, high quality acupuncture to the Rochester community and make acupuncture accessible to people of all means and backgrounds by providing affordable health care that empowers patients, builds community and breaks down class divisions. We do this by offering individualized treatments in a quiet, open setting and asking you to decide what you can afford on a sliding scale of $15 - 35 per treatment, no questions asked.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most common and dependable medical therapies used in the world. It is by nature simple, safe and effective health care. Acupuncturists use thin, sterile disposable needles inserted superficially into specific areas of the body in order to help the body's ability to heal itself. Over the three decades or so in which acupuncture has developed in the U.S., it has been proven to be not only exceptionally safe when performed by licensed acupuncturists, but statistically effective in an increasing body of scientific studies.

Our experience tells us acupuncture can reliably and safely decrease pain and inflammation, quiet spasms, boost immunity, dispel migraines, reduce swelling, relieve pain in almost any location, regulate hormones, calm anxiety, lift depression, restore mobility, improve digestion, increase energy, decrease stress, and create deep relaxation. Acupuncture has also been shown to cut recovery time from surgery almost in half, and is helpful alongside many conventional therapies/medications for the purpose of increasing their effectiveness and decreasing their side effects. Acupuncture is particularly helpful for people with chronic diseases, meaning conditions that can be managed but not cured. Because these folks often need to take many medications with multiple side effects, acupuncture can greatly improve their quality of life by helping with mood, energy and sleep without creating any more side effects. Click here for more information

RCA is a Community Acupuncture (CA) clinic and is part of a growing international movement dedicated to providing affordable, accessible healthcare. CA is a social-business model that aims to increase patient access to acupuncture by offering individualized treatments in a quiet, comfortable group setting and fees on an affordable sliding scale of $15-35 per treatment, without income verification. By doing so we offer the opportunity to receive treatment as often as needed to get phenomenal results, while engendering a warm community atmosphere amongst patients and staff. It's a winning endeavor for both patients and the clinic.

$ 15-35 each visit

You pay what works best for you.

No questions asked.

* There is a $10 one-time consultation fee due at your first visit.

Acupuncture is most effective when it is done frequently and regularly-once or more a week is usually required to make progress. We recognize that everyone has a different set of financial circumstances and thus a different ability to pay for healthcare. RCA uses a sliding scale of $15-35 to help you carry out a more frequent course of treatment. We want you to come in often enough to really get better and stay better!

The purpose of the sliding scale is to help you separate the issues of money and treatment in order to get good results. You can decide what you can afford on any given day and there is never any need to prove your income.

Keep in mind that we also have financial obligations, so please pay what you can. This way you get the treatment that you need and we get to keep providing it for you. We hope this will be a sustainable arrangement that everyone benefits from. Everyone coming for treatment is part of our community and we look forward to making treatment work for you.

If you do need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give us 24 hours advance notice to avoid incurring a fee. Read our full Cancellation Policy for more information.